What Happens to Your Information Following a Breach?

We talk all the time about protecting yourself and your company from hackers and attacks and how to respond to an attack. But what really happens when an attacker hijacks your information? Where does it go? We will give you some insider knowledge so that you can begin to understand the dangers of a security […]

Pokemon Go Opens Doors to All New Security Risks

If you haven’t heard about it already, you probably will. Pokemon Go is the newest gaming app that everyone, from young children, to grown adults, is playing. This type of widespread and popular application opens the doors to all sorts of new security risks, that could even affect your small business. Below are just some […]

Malvertising: The newest scare in malware

Malvertising has been around for years, but as we continue to discuss, it’s becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect. Malvertising is when an attacker seeds online ad networks so that when ads appear on websites, they can potentially deliver malware to the user’s computer. All the user has to do is view an ad, […]

Security Breaches in 2016 Are Harder to Detect

As malware becomes increasingly more sophisticated, it is becoming harder and harder to detect a breach in security. Do you have the tools or expertise to detect a security breach the moment it happens? While many companies think they are equipped to detect and prevent security breaches, research shows that a majority of companies are […]

The Danger of Insider Attacks

We are constantly talking about hackers, malware, viruses: all things that happen outside of your company, and possibly even outside of the country. However, the biggest risk to your company’s data could be closer than you think: malicious insiders stealing company information is on the rise. In 2015, 60% of all attacks were carried out […]

Implementing Company Owned Equipment Policies

We recently discussed BYOD policies and how to securely implement these policies. However, there are still companies that provide equipment to their employees via traditional means and this includes equipment to be used at home or on the road. Providing equipment for employees allows them to have the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art technology and be […]

Practicing Safe Social Media

You may have heard that 117 million LinkedIn user credentials are up for sale on the Dark Web. Even Mark Zuckerberg’s social accounts were hacked. While social media hacking has been around forever, this type of hack is still a popular option for hackers and can, of course, be detrimental to your business. While this […]

Best practices when working with vendors

Using third party vendors is a common practice in today’s world. It includes outsourcing IT, Human Resources, Legal Aid, IT etc. While it is great and helpful to use these services, they could also be putting your company at risk. You are inviting people into your business and just like with everything else, you must […]

Your Apple Watch could be putting your company at risk

Most people don’t think the little watch on their wrist could cause any harm to their company. However, new technology has made you and your company more vulnerable and susceptible to attacks. The Apple watch and other wearables are just as susceptible to hackers as an iPhone or other mobile devices s hackers continue to […]

Passwords: Your best friend when it comes to security

Passwords should be your best friend when it comes to security and protecting your business. We know, you’ve heard it a thousand times, but are you implementing secure and diverse passwords in your day-to-day policies? It can be hard and inconvenient to create and store all these passwords, but in the end, this preventative measure […]